For those who are watching my Instagram – already know that this month is all about black and white drawings for me as I am participating in the huge world drawing marathon called Inktober.

The point is to draw every day one drawing to the specific topic from the list of the themes. And if to do this all the month you can greatly improve your drawing skills💪🏻 (which is quite an obvious fact) And as long as I am stubborn and a big fan of Jake Parker, the author of Inktober, I really want to finish this marathon a lot!

Here is the list of 5 thoughts and conclusions after one third of the marathon passed which I want to share with you guys:

1. You will fail drawing every day in the beginning😏. There are many reasons – lots of work, unexpected work, urgent work that takes all free time. And there is family and a kid that may get sick. Or you may do a bad hairdo and will loose one day on crying on your hair and not wanting doing anything else😭 Yes, these were hard 10 first days for me.

2. The hardest thing is to start with first three works. This is where you define the topic of all the series of works. You will choose favourite brushes and style and the rest of illustrations will just follow the flow.

3. It is good to make very rough sketches for several more days in advance so that early in the morning you will know what to sketch and will just focus on proper rendering.

4. You need to fit sketching into the daily routine or the other daily tasks will be more prioritised and you’ll end up not drawing your work at all.

5. Besides all the fails above it is so damn good to make one drawing every day. I have already tried the ideas in the compositions which I wanted to try for a while. And I feel myself more confident in drawing with the tablet. Besides it gives the feeling of something completed early in the morning when I usually draw and you already made this day✌🏻

I am happy how it goes so far. Hope you’ll enjoy these 10 inktober illustrations✌🏻✨

Day 1 “Swift”

Day 2 “Divided”

Day 3 “Poison”

Day 4 “Underwater”

Day 5 “Long”

Day 6 “Sword”

Day 7 “Shy”

Day 8 “Crooked”

Day 9 “Screech”

Day 10 “Gigantic”


2018© Taty Vovchek Illustration
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