Day 31/31 which means that I did Inktober🎉 Time to make a breath out, grab some coffee and start rereading the book I’ve bought for myself to learn how to become awesome children’s book writer😛✌🏻✨ I feel like a winner cause I really could make this 31 illustration) And I missed the color in drawings during this month. Now the question is what to do with all these 31 artworks?😉Any ideas?)

So what is next? Next month I will try to write the picture book story I have in mind and make all the sketches for it so that I will be drawing it all the December. Also I am going to draw illustrations for contest among young illustrations (yep, that’s me) and hopefully those works will be exhibited in Bologna fair in March🤞🏻 At least that is a cool contest that will be fun to draw and who knows – maybe I will go to Bologna with some portfolio ready✨. dreams, dreams, dreams…

2018© Taty Vovchek Illustration
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