HappyBox is the box full of treats & toys for your dog which is delivered monthly to your door. Thousands of dogs around France, Belgium, Germany, Italy, UK, Spain, Netherlands are HappyBox lovers and posting their dogs enjoying the box on Instagram under #happyboxlove that you can check.
I was glad to be involved in the design process of the package, website, branded products for the box, monthly flyer etc from the start – when the company was only starting and just had an idea of launching this business.
With this project I would like to share with you the packaging of the box which is really the face of the whole service.
The first draft of the package. I have defined here the logo type part, the color palette and the elements of the pattern on the box.  The concept was approved by the company from the first try:)
The expanded package view.




Nothing makes me happier than seeing these Instaphotos of the dogs enjoying HappyBox!
Seeing your work being used for years is the reward to designer’s hard work.


2018© Taty Vovchek Illustration