I had the most amazing travelling experience around Netherlands.

That was unusual kind of trip for me. Because I was not as much into drawing abroad before and that was something like a first attempt to choose sketching and plenair work rather than walking or visiting more museums. Secondly it was first vacation without my daughter and husband having left them in Ukraine:) Thirdly – the best way to celebrate your birthday is to escape from the city and do something you usually do not do.

I really enjoyed this kind of travelling. And I would love to travel and draw with like minded people more. Also the great bonus is urban sketchers groups that you can find in almost any big city – so you are not alone to draw even if you are travelling alone!

You can also check the hashtag on my instagram which is about my Netherlands sketching time to read through more detailed about the places I have been: https://www.instagram.com/explore/tags/taty_sketches_netherlands/

2018© Taty Vovchek Illustration
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