Time to jump back to the memories of the great Sunday I had.

Odessa Botanical garden was open to the public all weekend which is a rare thing. You may come inside only with a group of 20 tourists the other day and there is no single ticket available, so strange. And the entrance was even free for Odessa sketchers on the weekend.

I remember being in the botanical garden long time ago while I was at the elementary school with a class and had great memories about this place.

Should I say how dissapointed I was on Sunday? Part of the botanical garden was occupied with new living building😒. The territory of the garden itself is poor and lacks new plants, all the buildings are very old inside. That was worse than an average public park in Europe😒

The festival itself was also appropriate for below average Odessa visitor – very loud music concert with bad acoustics and kids singing concert (sadly not all kids were signing well), barbecues for visitors were prepared right inside the botanical garden and I even saw the spot of old fireplace in the middle of the botanical garden😓

Of course a person who values beauty would fall in love with an old building with tropical plants in botanical garden. Time made it so beautiful. Besides there was a lovely exhibition of linocuts by Alexandra Valchyuk inside. I can not imagine any other more suitable place for mixing the collection of tropical artworks rather than that old glass building👌🏻✨

How easy it is to notice the beauty inside the mess. Check the photos to have a feeling of the amazing exhibition✨

2018© Taty Vovchek Illustration
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