I've illustrated a short story about girl's adventures at different schools - the dancing school, tinkering school, cinema school who in the end saves the film director who gets into an accident while shooting the film.

This story is part of the Plume App (www.plume-app.co) which is the fun educational tool for kids to practice in writing. It has 10+ stories in its collection so far. Each story is divided into 7 chapters and the kid has an option to write the continuation of each chapter which will be later corrected by the teacher online.

The overview of all the schools - the cinema school with the house in the form of the popcorn,
tinkering school in the form of the nail, dancing school with the ballet tutu,
cooking school buildig in the form of the cake.

Meeting the director of all schools who is quite strict woman

Dancing lesson

Seeing the process of shooting the film.

There was an accident on the shooting stage and the little girls runs to the tinkering school for some help.

Now it is time to save the film director who was stuck under the pile of the lights and decorations!

The film director is safe and everyone is marshing to lead the little girl to the marveous school 

Sketches for the illustrations above.

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