Below is the series of illustrations for the story about the adventures inside mysterious house of ogres family for the Plume app.

About the story:
You never know which idea is better - to stay under the rain or enter the strangers house. The little girl is caught up by the sudden rain in the wood and to her luck she notices the house around to wait for rain to stop. There is something wrong with the house - it is small as the child's one, but seems like no one is living here. Or not? The noise is coming from the kitchen, lets check it out... 
You may use the app and read what happens. Will the girl become a nice addition to the chicken soup for ogres family dinner or will she find a safe exit? Ok, it is the story for kids so you might guess it will be alright:)

About the project:
Plume app engages 8-11-year-old kids to practice in writing. While reading the story the kid needs to write the continuation of each chapter which will be later corrected by the teacher. 
This project is founded by two teachers & authors Aude-Cerise Guéneau and Julie Kuhn (who is also the founder of “Super Julie” blog with best kids apps reviews) who are a pleasure to work with.
How I illustrated the story explained in 1:42 minutes
More illustrations on my Instagram - @taty_vovchek

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