I had a pleasure to illustrate "L'histoire de Renoir" - a short story about Pierre-Auguste Renoir. 
The little boy time travels and gets into the studio of the master and meets the famous artist. During the story we learn more about the background of the master's life and the process of making his famous painting "La Grenouillere" surrounded by the landscapes of Paris where he lived.
It was a challenging experience to illustrate such a famous person and integrate his artworks into my illustrations. I've made a research and collected many photo references of the painter's studio, collected as many photos of Renoir as I could find so that he looked realistic. Also I tried to use the color palette associated with the traditional colours from Renoir's paintings for more unified look.
This story is part of the Plume App (www.plume-app.co) which is the fun educational tool for kids to practice in writing. It has 10+ stories in its collection so far. Each story is divided into 7 chapters and the kid has an option to write the continuation of each chapter which will be later corrected by the teacher online. Also each finished story can be ordered as the real printed book like the one on the image below.​​​​​​​
The printed copy of the online story. After child finishes reading and writing the story online his parents can order the book with his writing. Also on the cover the co-author kid will be written as well.

The video review of all the 13 stories and the last one about Renoir which I've illustrated so far!

Before becoming the artist Renoir was a commercial illustrator. He was coloring the porcelain and the fans. Sadly I could not find any of those works online. This view of the wardrobe filled with his works is my imagination.

The kid enters the studio and meets the artist. Renoir worked in the studio with light-yellow walls. Amazing!

Renoir telling about "La Grenouillere" painting work in progress.  

Rest at the iconic Parisian restaurant "La moulin de la galette" where Renoir was a constant visitor. 

A walk around Butte de Chaumont - Parisian landmark with the view to Sacré-Cœur. 
White rocks of the Basilica shine brightly even at night.

The little boy wakes up. The time spent with Auguste Renoir seemed to be a dream he had after reading his biography and accidentally falling asleep. What an adventure!

Some of the cleaned up sketches for the illustrations.

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