The little boy wakes up in the dinosaur era and meets friendly dinosaurs. They try to escape from the earthquake and the volcano eruption. Pretty classic story to illustrate but I had much fun drawing dinosaurs as I am big fan of "The Land Before Times" series and the movie and all the characters here are inspired by them. 
This story is part of the Plume App ( which is the fun educational tool for kids to practice in writing. It has 10+ stories in its collection so far. Each story is divided into 7 chapters and the kid has an option to write the continuation of each chapter which will be later corrected by the teacher online. Also each finished story can be ordered as the real printed book like the one on the image below.​​​​​​​

The printed copy of the online story. After child finishes reading and writing the story online, his parents can order this book with his writing. Also on the cover the kid's name as the co-author will be written.​​​​​​​

The little boy meets friendly dinosaurs and their kids.​​​​​​​

The boy is having fun with his new friends.

The earthquake starts as well as the volcano eruption. The boy and his new friends are searching for the safe place.

Exploring the volcano eruption in the cave.

The friends meet friendly T-rex who protects them from attacks of predators.

The main character wakes up on the class were he accidentally fall asleep and had the dream about dinosaurs adventure.

Cleaned up sketches of the future illustrations.
This is how I present the sketches to the client.

Work in progress on the illustrations in my sketchbook. 

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