"George the Seagull and big dump. 
Easy tips for eco lifestyle” 

The book in total of 64 pages includes 200+ stickers for the tasks inside. I have been an illustrator for this book project and was a co-author of the book with the team of Ukrainian publishing house "Leaders books".
"George the Seagull and a big dump”. Non-fiction ecology book for young adults (5+) and grownups. The book contains the main information about the current state of our Planet. 

It explains all the common types of pollutions on the Planet and the ways to solve main of them: how to start the eco way of life, how to sort the garbage, how to consume less. 
The information is told through the adventures of the Seagull, the main character, and boosted with logical tasks, creative challenges and hundreds of stickers for solving them.
Character design:
Later the character was transformed to the toy by a talented toy designer Liubov Yerikova.
Content creation:
The team provided me with the basic manuscript of the content which looked like on the image below. My goal in this project was to transform text from typical ecology book into a fun modern book with the use of interactive tasks and storytelling. I integrated the seagull character as a comix, I invented an appropriate activity per each of 32 spreads which worked well with stickers sheets included in book. 
The longest step of the work on the book was the draft of the book manuscript followed by regular meeting with the team, discussing updates, adding or removing the information. Check out in this video below to see the final manuscript of the book:

The story goes around the seagull named George. It flies around the globe and as a blogger explains what happens to the planet Earth.

In the first spreads I introduced the seagull to the reader through the comics layout.
200+ stickers for the book

Each spread of the book has practical tasks for the child to recollect the knowledge of the theory. Among the tasks with stickers the book has drawing tasks, puzzles, creative projects on upcycling, advises for setting up new habits which lead to eco lifestyle in the future.
Book Cover design:

Life of the book after publishing and presentation

The most exciting for me as an illustrator and co-author of this book was to see the project live and sold in one of the best book shops in my native city called "Book". You can see the photos I made from the shop and the photo of me with the owner of this shop and the publishing house "Leaders books" Galyna Andreeva.

The second pleasant moment was to catch up tons of positive reviews of the book from parents, young readers and people who bought the book that they love it through instagram!

Also we presented the book on local TV programs, on flee markets and book fairs where the book got also great positive feedback.
Inspiration for photographer

My friend photographer Margarita Kolyadenko made this photoshoot with her son after they read together this book and understood how really big the ecological problems are nowadays which we do not know of. 

Our planet is in danger, if not to change the attitude to how we treat the Planet, our grandchildren might not have a safe Planet to live on. The eco facts of what is changing in our planet forever are sad. I hope more people will integrate healthy habits in they lives. Sorting the garbage is not that hard. Valuing the food you eat, controlling the consumption of the products and buying what is really valuable to you. The most important things in life are not things!

We still have horrible wars happening on Earth - in 21st century. Besides taking away thousands of lives in the most horrible way, the war in Ukraine started by Russia made enormous harm to nature. The Chernobyl smoke went up, the Azovstal factory with chemical bombs led to chemical catastrophe, the lack of food supply 1/4 of which was provided by Ukraine to the world market will lead to hunger in some parts of the world. My heart cries out of enormous harm to Ukraine, Europe and whole Planet because of the war still going on in my home Ukraine.
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Bea Johnson, author of Zero Waste concept
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