I've illustrated a short story about football competition. The main character is a teenage girl who becomes the football trainer. By effective training and motivation of the players the team wins the world football championship cup.

This story is part of the Plume App (www.plume-app.co) which is the fun educational tool for kids to practice in writing. It has 10+ stories in its collection so far. Each story is divided into 7 chapters and the kid has an option to write the continuation of each chapter which will be later corrected by the teacher online.

The President convinces the main character to take the responsibility of becoming the football
trainer of the team at the world cup

The main character is picking the players for the team.

Motivating the team and briefing them with the proper strategy

The trainer greets the team before the game in the change room

The trainer is giving interview to the press

Final gooooal!!!

The team wins the cup! All because of the great trainer


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